Hi, I’m Doina

Hey, I’m Doina, and I have one very simple goal for Be My Recipe – to inspire and guide you to make some truly tasty food at home that you can enjoy with loved ones.

I’ve cooked for most of my life, and my recipes are, in a way, a reflection of a lifelong journey I’m still on to this day.

I cooked with my mom and grandma from an early age, experienced plenty of high-end dining when living abroad, and was fortunate enough to travel the world for a few years and try food from many different countries.

All these influences and experiences have helped mold my style of cooking, which I’m really passionate about sharing with you and other home cooks looking for ideas and inspiration online.

Fun Facts About Me

Favorite meal


Favorite appetizer

fried artichokes

grateful for

my family

Favorite breakfast


favorite drink


favorite dessert


It’s a Team Effort

My husband and the family help me bring these recipes to life so that anyone can follow along and make them at home. We test every recipe, often more than once, and all our photography is original.

I really believe food is one of the most powerful ways to bring family, friends, and loved ones together, and I hope my recipes can help you do that, no matter what the time of day or occasion.

This, quite simply, is food to fall in love with. Simple, fun, and really yummy!